The SBT has landed, and weeks of rain are coming.

Introducing the SBT

This week, I've been dropping the odd comment here and there, and leaving semi cryptic clues on Facebook, about what I was expecting on Thursday.  The story started at least 6 months ago, but came to fruition this week.  Last weekend, we visited Tring Astronomy for a look in their showroom.  I can't speak highly enough of the customer service and friendliness received from Neil and Jane at their showroom.  I've been in email contact with them for a little while and have been very impressed so decided to fit in a visit to their showroom.  About an hour later, we left the shop, and in my hand I had a receipt.  Thursday it arrived and here it is, the Skywatcher Flextube 300p Dobsonian telescope, or, as I have dubbed it, the SBT! My Slightly Bigger Telescope.
This page gives a detailed look at the build process and the first impressions of it.  And so, as the laws of astronomy dictate, anytime anyone buys anything exciting to do with astronomy, I am now condemned to at least two weeks of torrential rain and cloud!


  1. That looks like a Much Bigger Telescope to me! Enjoy :-)

  2. Always leave room for more Jim. You never know :-)


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