First light on the solar filter.

Good evening!
Recently, in preparation for the coming partial solar eclipse, I have made my own solar filter.  With the lighter evenings beginning to make an appearance, and with good weather forecast, I had the chance to try it out when I got home from work this evening.
The sun was setting, and I reckon I had about 30 minutes before it disappeared behind the roofs of the nearby houses, so I set the tripod up and brought out the 150p.  I put the new filter on the front of the scope and off we went.  Firstly, I observed using the 25mm eyepiece which allowed me to see the whole of the sun with ease in the field of view.  So, I swapped that eyepiece for the 12mm, and eventually the 5mm.  I was really pleased with the results.  The filter has done its job exactly as expected.  Given that this was my first time that I have ever looked at the sun through my telescope, I was really pleased that I could make out some sun spots against the background of the suns light, and also another feature which looked like a bubbly cloudy mass near the edge of the visible sun.
Time was precious before I lost site of the sun, so I decided to take a few quick photos of the view through the EP with the camera on the phone.
The next time I have chance to observe the sun, I think I will attempt some simple sketching to record the activity on the suns surface.  Hopefully, I will also try out the DSLR camera attached to the 150p to see what else I can pick up.  All ready for the partial eclipse!

The larger red circle was the area of activity on the surface of the sun visible through the UP.  The smaller red circle shows the more apparent sunspots that were visible.

Thanks for reading - until next time!