A quick lunar session - more of a play really....

Hello and good evening!
It's been a little while since I've done any sort of observing from the back garden.  But this evening, I thought it would give it a go.  At the moment, the moon is fairly full, and due to my wonderfully considerate neighbours, the amount of light pollution in the early evening is quite high.  I decided on a lunar session and a bit of a play with some prime focus photography with my Canon 1100d.
I must admit, I ended up playing with the camera more than observing.  The seeing for the observing was OK, although there was a bit of movement in the movie and view through the eyepiece.
However, the result of this play around has prompted me to start looking at using movies or slideshows in my blog.  So, to try and accomodate this, I've decided to sign up for a YouTube channel and had a bash at uploading a short video before embedding it in blog posts.