Arrivals and Perseids and the Perseid Arrivals

The new arrivals have, well, arrived I suppose is the best way of putting it.  The collection is now complete as can be seen here.  Hopefully, I will get some observing chances in the coming days to get first light on the new EPs and filter.

Tonight and tomorrow brings us the peak of the Perseid meteor shower.  It’s generally one of the best meteor shower shows of the year, but this year it coincides with quite a full and bright moon that will unfortunately mean that on the brighter meteors are going to visible.  The name of the meteor shower is taken from the constellation in the sky nearest to the radiant of the meteor shower.  In this case, the constellation or Perseus.  The actual meteor shower itself is cause by the orbit of the Earth passing through the dust and particle trail of a comet long since past.  During the passes of comet Swift-Tuttle, a debris trail or particles was left behind which now burns up in the atmosphere as the earth passes through that trail.  A Perseid meteor can appear anywhere in the sky, but you will know it is a Perseid if it appears to travel away from Perseus.

Source:  Stellarium