While the sky is light...

Just a very quick post, but with a link to a new page on my blog.  While the sky is light in these Summer evenings, I like to turn my attention to a couple of projects to keep me occupied.  So far this Summer, I have also taken delivery of a significant new piece of kit, but I won't go into that here.
Ever since I have owned a Telrad, I have tried to be careful not to mist up the glass during the nights observing session.  I've had a bit of success with my own home made dew shield, but this does little to prevent dew from forming from my own breath.  I have even gone to the extent of using anti-mist spray that swimmers use on the inside of their goggles.  This seemed to give some good initial success, but eventually proved to be quite limited.
So, having gone through this trial and error, and after seeing the posts from many other astronomers in the same position, and their solutions, I've made a solution using some very basic components and would cost no more than a couple of pounds at most.  This is what I have done...  I hope you find it useful!